Homeopathy & Mental Health


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Homeopathy and Mental Health


On Mental Health
Something I experienced and recognised a while ago is the huge need for Mental Health treatment. It first came to light when working closely with a client that the depth of Mental Health pathology is not always recognised by the local GP. Of course the GP will do as much as they can to help the patient but sadly the current pressure and demands are so great that patients are likely to be rushed through and don’t get enough access time to express and talk through their case or situation.

The Family dynamic
I know many people from all walks of life that are suffering in silence as the internal emotion build up can be crippling and in some cases devastating. It can become an emotional roller coaster of highs, lows and confusion to one’s family life that leads to inner questions of stability, guilt, fear and uncertainty.

Mental Health doesn't just effect those with chronic symptoms it also effects those around them. When someone close is in a chronic cycle or experiencing and ongoing mental imbalanced state it maybe you that needs the added support.

More common than you think
Most people at some time have Mental imbalances at different periods of their lives and experience it in a manner of different ways. As a Homeopath I often take the mental situation as a strong part of the case at hand and aim to recognise the habitual patterns and root cause of the issues of the client.

Mental Health a misunderstanding
Mental health is in many can be misunderstood and extremely hidden from ones view. A personality imbalance may appear normal to most people and some extremes are obvious. So how does one get benefit from homeopathy?

My Aims
In the field of Homeopathy the whole client is looked at in detail from the first consultation that usually last anything between 90 to 120 minutes. This initial stage gives the Homeopath a good  overall view of the client and starts off a gradual unraveling and understanding of the underlying imbalance within.

As a homeopath I am looking to connect with you the client to discuss the given issues and to talk through any underlying disturbances. I’m listening and looking to understand you and your needs and aim to provide you with relevant remedies to help you get through any current imbalances so that you can manage your life in a more beneficial way.

With Mental imbalances it can be difficult to separate the negative thoughts from ones mind, this could mean that you have constant bombardment of negative thoughts that are making you feel bad, stressed, ashamed, guilty, arrogant, depressed, hard done by, let down, grieved, anxious, uncertain, shy, possessive, panicked, hungry, psychotic, hysterical and the list goes on.

It is important to follow things through
So to be clear and straight here, Homeopathy doesn’t just have a magic pill that will sort out the issue immediately, it takes time and a commitment that you have to follow through progressively, this is your life that needs adjusting so taking on self-responsibility is important for you to get through the stages of unfoldment.

Where are you at?

Are you prepared to make the effort and commitment to yourself?

If there is something that you would like to talk about please feel free to call James for an informal chat and find out how Homeopathy may be able to benefit your State of Mind.

Since everything is a reflection of our minds …
Everything can be changed by our minds
(Heart of a Buddha – from Grand Hall at Kek Lok Si Temple Malaysia)


Consultations at : Pure Health store 56 Chase Side, Southgate N14
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Prices for Full Appointments
Adults :
£70 initial appointment (Approx 1.5 to 2 hours) thereafter £55 all following appointments (Approx 1 hour).
Children : £50 initial appointment thereafter £35 all following appointments.

Appointment Price does not Include Remedies (From £3 per bottle of pillules)

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Some Basic Facts

There are 6 million+ UK users and over 200 million Worldwide users who take Homeopathy to benefit mental, emotional and physical health. 
It is well documented that many famous and well know people have used and support Homeopathy and with over 200 years of history there is strong evidence that Homeopathy is beneficial to one’s health effecting a variety of physical, mental and emotional states.

The following is an extract from Traveling Homeopathic Collective.

Introduction to homeopathy

Homœopathy is a form of medicine that has existed in its present form for over two hundred years but which has its roots in more ancient ideas.

It respects the efforts that the body makes to counter disease and instead of fighting these efforts it offers support and encouragement. It does this by matching the remedy's effect to the actions that the body is already taking through the symptoms of the disease.

Homœopaths have available several thousand remedies whose actions have been observed through clinical practice and through provings, in which healthy volunteers take the remedies and carefully observe the effects of them.