Earth Dance Spirit Dance

This ceremonial dance is a salutation to the self's physical and heavenly body, where they meet to unify and embrace as a unified being.

This simplistic dance does not require any thing extra than you are willing to give. Earth Dance, Spirit Dance aims to help dissolve and bring awareness to the minds patterns, bodily imbalances, and helps with emotional release. It enhances deep and personal experiences that are guided by sound, movement and sometimes stillness. It's the choices that you make in any given moment to experience what is right for you and to gain what you can for yourself during this ceremony, it is then up to you to take your personal experience into your world and enjoy your findings.

Earth Dance, Spirit Dance can relax the mind and body, benefits stress, brings new self-insights, enhances inner strength, courage, joy and self-responsibility.

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Testimony Earth Dance Spirit Dance:

I have never done a workshop like this before and did not know what to expect. Dancing with myself, with my fears and desires was a very different experience. It was freeing not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. It was transformative on all levels. The workshop gave me the opportunity to go deep inside myself and allow my bones and joints to move with a sense of ease and freedom that I don't recall ever feeling. My body was free of everything, my mind was free of everything it was like being in space! I left feeling light and incredibly happy and could not stop smiling. All my fears seemed to have faded away. Thanks James! Truly profound experience!