About James - London Based Therapist

James Lawrence, MARH, RHom. - Registered Homeopath, Transpersonal Therapist, Chi Kung & Traditional Healer

Qualified Homeopath & Chi Kung Therapist, Diplomas in Shamanic Studies & Transpersonal Therapies.

In 1998 James' journey into medicine and therapies started with a Neal's Yard Foundation course in Natural Medicine. Following on from there he visited Australia in 1999 where he met some traditional elders from an indigenous community and was fortunate to attend a life changing ceremony that led him to later becoming an apprentice in Traditional Indigenous Shamanic practices.

Between 2004 & 2010 James undertook an medicine apprenticeship to learn some of the traditional medicine ways of the Ngangkari (Traditional Healer - Doctor) and on succession of the training, both senior Traditional Healers Ruby Worthy and Harry Giles gave him permission to practice and use the Australian Indigenous Ngangkari skills that were taught to him during his training.

James has since been passed down several healing ceremonies that include Talking Stick Ceremony and he held the ceremony at One World Healing festival for seven years between 2005-2012. Currently James holds regular events in North London & Chigwell and is looking to expand to more locations in 2017. He has sat many Sweat Lodges attended Vision Quest and Shamanic Journey through his shamanic apprenticeship training, gaining an array of knowledge and personal insight.

In 2004 he started learning the Kung Fu & Qigong (Chi Kung) Arts in London with his Sifu Marcus Santer at the Shaolin Wahnam Institute and James later visited Malaysia several times to attend courses run by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit and in 2011 was granted permission to practice as a Qigong (Chi Kung) Therapist. James still attends classes on a regular basis and continues to attend the UK Summer Camp with Grandmaster Wong to practice and define the imparted Shaolin Wahnam skills as well as attend regular courses with other Highly Qualified instructors Tim Franklin & Barry Smale in London.

James is a qualified Homeopath & is currently registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (ARH) and graduated in 2011 under Dr Yubraj Sharma a Kings College graduate and Highly skilled practitioner himself who now imparts his great wealth of knowledge to his ongoing and Post Graduate Students.

James is constantly dedicated to learning new concepts and philosophies in different medicine fields as well as creating new ceremonies for future medicine modalities. As he continues to expand his ever growing medicine skills and practice he aims to bring individuals closer to self-understanding for benefits of better health, awareness and living practice. As a Shamanic Homeopath James looks at each person beyond the regular norms of just the physical symptoms as there are many aspects to consider that maybe hidden and distant from ones sight.

He has also completed Psychodynamic Bodywork training, attended courses in Indian Head Massage and completed the foundation course at The College of Phytotherapy.

Psychological issues play a big part in ones dis-ease on all levels & the mind has a big part to play in the re balancing of one's mental, physical & emotional ailments. Work & home stress can lead to a mental & emotional breakdown and ignite an emotional fuel that can later spiral out of control. It is only when one hits a crisis that the head may turn to complimentary therapies. If one has the awareness, this crisis point can either be avoided or dealt with accordingly. Please clich HERE to find our a little more on Mental Health.

James is willing to have a free of charge, informal telephone chat with anyone who would like to find out more before committing to a consultation, to discuss if the therapies on offer are suitable for your particular need. He offers a range of complimentary therapies that aims to help, guide and support one back to an acceptable and manageable state to be able to live life with more joy, awareness and appreciation.

More often people will glaze over words on a website are looking to action something in themselves, ask yourself how many times have you searched the web for something different, it doesn't matter what path you take or who you choose to help you, one only has to make a little effort to start a process.

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